Sunday, March 11, 2007

Report from London

This just in - London is more expensive than New York! I know, I already knew that, I'm sure. But the last time I was in London (gulp - 12 years ago), the pound was only worth about $1.25, and I was only 15, so my mommy paid for most of it (Thanks, Mom!).

This time - ouchers!

More on my culinary adventures shortly (including reports on dinner at St. John, tea at The Dorchester, and a spin through Borough Market), but here's one of my many self-shots (I spent most of the weekend exploring on my own, a blissful change from 6 days in India with a group of twelve).

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Who's Queenie?

Queenie is me (Meg Blocker)!

I've never been terribly good at the whole internet alias/handle thing, so when I decided to start my own foodblog in early 2007, I went with the nickname my mother gave me when I was little (and has been using ever since).

Queenie Takes Manhattan is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the food world: dining (fine and not-so-fine), cooking and recipe writing, sourcing ingredients, entertaining, great tabletop & kitchen design, and travel.

I've lived in Manhattan since graduating from Bryn Mawr (with a degree in Religious Studies) in 2001, so my writing tends to focus on New York's food scene, but I like to think I travel as much or more than the average bear. Since Queenie kicked off, we've visited London, Paris, India, Manchester, Edinburgh, Napa, Ohio, Sonoma & San Francisco, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Chicago, Maine, and Austin together.

So sit back, click away, and enjoy - and please feel free to get in touch if there's something you'd like to see me blog. I'm always up for an adventure.

Meg, a.k.a Queenie

P.S. - Follow me on Twitter, where I tweet food, technology and life as @queenie_nyc.

P.P.S. - Want to send me an email? I can be reached at megblocker at gmail dot com.
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