Sunday, April 6, 2008

Out and about.

Yesterday, I took advantage of my hangover-free Saturday morning to get up, at 'em, and out the door before 9 AM. I grabbed a cup of coffee at Two Little Red Hens, a bakery up the block from my apartment, and hopped on the subway. 15 minutes later, I emerged in brilliant, crisp sunshine at Union Square, where the farmer's market was in full swing.

I wandered through the plants and flowers - my gardening goals for the spring include a big pot of succulents, so I was really excited to see the variety of beautiful ones available. I haven't bought the big pot yet, though, so I passed up the plants for some groceries. I pondered the duck eggs, but ended up going for some more typical brown chicken eggs at a stand a bit further up on the west side of the park.

A good rule of thumb for farmer's market outings: when in doubt, always pick a stand with a line. A long line means the wares are worth waiting for. I waited in a line of about ten people for my eggs - sold alongside the eggs were chickens from poussin to full-size and pasta made from the eggs. A chicken bonanza.

After the eggs, I picked up onions and shallots at the root vegetable stand, then made my way to the Tonjes Farm Dairy stand, where all sorts of cheesy goodness were on display. Loyal readers of this blog know that I've historically been a bit ambivalent toward the cheese, but when I saw that they were selling handmade, locally-produced fromage blanc at ridiculously reasonable prices ($2 for eight ounces) I leapt into action.

I headed back to the subway and up to my local Italian market, Agata & Valentina, to pick up some odds and ends, and on the way passed Orwasher's Bakery, a Yorkville institution (It opened in 1916.). For some reason, I've always had it in my head that - as a kosher bakery - Orwasher's wasn't open on Saturdays. But, turns out, it is! So I ducked inside and grabbed a loaf of bread.

A quick stop at Agata & Valentina for some tomatoes (I know, shamefully out of season), cucumbers, lettuce and oranges, and I was home again. All before 11 AM. Aren't I so grown up?

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miya said...

i am officially offended tha:
a) you didn't call me when you were in my hood when you KNOW i would have loved to go to the market with you, and
b) you are ambivalent toward cheese.
consider yourself warned.

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