Sunday, August 24, 2008

In the end, not so pretty, but quite tasty.

The other night, I had a variety of almost-no-longer-viable Greenmarket items in the house - some heirloom tomatoes, a large, ruffly summer squash, and half a white onion. The million-dollar question: how to combine all of these into something I (a) would want to eat and (b) could make quickly? After all, it was 8 PM and I was hungry for dinner.

I settled on a roasted squash and tomato napoleon - I would slice the squash crosswise, to preserve the pretty ruffles, do the same with the tomatoes, whip up a warm onion and garlic dressing, roast the squash with garlic and thyme, and stack it all to make my dinner.

I have to say - the warm, tender squash and the soft, cool tomatoes worked well together, and I ended up cooking the onions and garlic with a bit of honey and mustard, which brought some more sweetness and a bit of tang to the party. However, I thought it would turn out all pretty-like, and I was pretty wrong about that.

That said, who cares if it's pretty, really? I mean, it's just for eating, in the end.

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