Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My New York Times debut...sort of.

My phone rang early this morning, while I was still in the shower. The excited voice mail, from my friend Hall, declared that he had seen a "huge" picture of me in the Times, and that I was to check on it immediately.

I opened my computer, started up Firefox, and clicked through to the Dining and Wine section. There, alongside Frank Bruni's Critic's Notebook piece on the trend of fat, fat, fat everywhere (pork belly, chicken livers, etc.), was a picture of me, along with a few other foodblogger/eGullet types, drooling over Momofuku Ssam's Bo Ssam (giant, slow-cooked pork butt).

The photo was taken back in February, when I went out to dinner with a group of foodies during my second eGullet foodblog.

It's not a flattering picture, and they don't mention my name, but, hey - I'm in the Times!


Sally Big Woods said...

Wow! congratulations!

Meg Blocker said...

Thanks! It sure was a surprise.

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