Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My friend Ginelle lives up in the wilds of New Hampshire (OK, not the wilds, but comparatively, you know) near where we went to prep school together, and as such has the benefit of having friends who live in Maine and raise chickens. (Apparently, this is not at all unusual in Maine. At least according to Ginelle. Who lives in New Hampshire and is therefore far more of an expert than you or I, unless you happen to live in Maine.)

When she saw my post a few weeks back about Araucana eggs, she sent me these photos of her friend's baby Araucana chicks. Oh my gosh, how adorable. Cute AND (eventually) good at producing tasty eggs. Jackpot!

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Louisa Edwards said...

Wow, who knew chickens could be so cute? I guess everything's pretty adorable when in its babyhood.

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