Monday, November 3, 2008


That's right, ladies and just eleven short days (made even shorter by the election and a business trip to India), I'll be back where I belong: France (and, more precisely, Paris). I am stopping over for just two days, staying in a cute little hotel in the Marais, and planning to have a wonderful, relaxing, romantically solitary time of it.

Dehillerin is already on the list, as is a stop into Pierre Hermé for some macarons (I'll be flying business class back to the States, so I figure they actually have a chance of surviving the flight intact.). I'll be dining at my favorite Paris bistro, Camille, both nights. But, other than that, my schedule is pretty open.

Since I'll only be in town for a couple of days, I want to stay in town (so day trips to Versailles or Giverny are out, as are the flea markets, since those require at least a half-day to do them justice).

I'm pondering a walking tour of the Marais, am thinking longingly of an afternoon drinking coffee and wine and reading a novel in a café somewhere in St. Germain, and a colleague has recommended the hot chocolate at Angelina's (just down the Rue de Rivoli from Pierre Hermé's new Rue Cambon boutique, so very convenient). I've never been to the Bar Hemingway, but am also drawn to this little wine bar near the hotel.

Any other suggestions?

Merci bien!

Photos above from the Paris visit during my 2006 trip to Prague, Strasbourg, Champagne and Paris. You can read all about the trip here (Prague only) and here (all of the France leg).


Louisa Edwards said...

I'm so freaking jealous! Have a tarte au citron for me. And you better be going to the Pompidou. Fingers crossed that there's no mouvement social taking place while you're in town!

Meg Blocker said...

Well, it is France, so maybe we should just hope whatever mouvement social they decide to hold doesn't affect les musées?

Wendy said...

Meg you really must check out Experimental Cocktail Club! You'll love it, I promise :)

Meg Blocker said...

Excellent! Who says I can't have many, many cocktails in a couple of places? Yum.

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