Monday, November 17, 2008

Je reviens!

I'm sitting in the Air France lounge at Charles de Gaulle, quietly weeping into my coffee. In just a few minutes, I'll board a plane (KLM through Amsterdam; merci beaucoup, les pilotes qui font la grève) and be on my way back to the states.

I can't wait to share my Parisian adventures with all of you; sadly, pictures will be limited, as my camera chose Saturday as its day to stage its own petite grève, and only behaved intermittently thereafter.

Regardless - we'll have glimpses of Île Saint-Louis, the Marais, the Louvre, and, best of all: Camille!

They're calling my flight now...a bientôt!


Abra said...

Oh, too bad you were in France and didn't get to come down here for a quick dinner!

L Vanel said...

Pretty picture, Meg!

Meg Blocker said...

Abra, I know! Believe me, when I found out about the pilots' strike, I seriously considered extending my trip and heading down south...

Lucy, thanks! It's of Chez Julien and St. Gervais, about two blocks from my hotel, near the Pont Louis-Phillippe.

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