Monday, January 19, 2009

A resolution I'm hoping to keep.

Buying lunch in midtown Manhattan is really, really expensive. The cheapest lunches, which can be had from street carts, are usually about $5.00. If you want something with vegetables - say, a salad - you're talking more like $10 or $11. Multiply that by five days a week, fifty weeks a year, and we're talking $3,000. THREE GRAND!

So, I have resolved to bring my lunch to work with me at least three times per week. On Fridays, my office provides a free lunch at the (pretty darn decent) cafeteria, and I figure leaving myself one day a week of purchased lunch is probably the most realistic goal.

I've kicked things off this weekend, cooking a bunch of dishes that will keep well in the fridge over the course of the week. I also bought three high-end Tupperware-type thingies with supposedly leak-proof seals.

This week's menu: roasted tomato soup, coq au vin, roasted shrimp with orzo, celery remoulade, and cabbage salad. Might also throw in some brussels sprouts at some point, too. I mean, just because I'm brown bagging it doesn't mean I need to eat cold cuts and carrot sticks all week, right?

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