Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitchen Lust: Le Parfait storage jars.

When in doubt, go French. This applies to pretty much everything in life: food, wine, travel, stockings, kissing, and, of course, kitchen storage.

A few weeks ago, I tired of shoving my coffee beans into Ziploc bags and nestling them into the tiny bits of spare room available in my kitchen cabinets. I had some free real estate on my counter (thanks to my mother's donation of an antique secretary for my living room, in which I have stashed, among other things, my mug o' writing utensils), so I decided to monopolize it with two Le Parfait storage jars.

Why two? Well, one for my espresso beans, and one for my regular coffee. The jars are gorgeous - well-propotioned, sturdy, stackable. Just looking at them makes me smile, and the ergonomically friendly latch ain't nothin' to sneeze at, either.

You can find Le Parfait jars on the Fante's Cookware website. Just click here and scroll down till you find the "Le Parfait Canning Jars."

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Jhames Stewart said...

My wife doesn't like jars with a metal locking mechanism because she finds them very prone to rusting. That's why the lids of our recycled glass bottles and jars resemble a cork. They're not hard to take off and put back in, as what most people might initially think. By the way, I had the same coffee bean dilemma before. Storing them in plastic bags is not advisable. It affects the smell and taste of the beans somehow.

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