Monday, February 23, 2009

More on the Marais.

Earlier today, S.HOPtalk posted an interview with Little Brown Pen's Nichole Robertson. Nichole and her husband recently picked up stakes and moved from Montclair, New Jersey to rue St. Paul in the Marais, in central Paris.

Loyal readers will remember how much I love the Marais, and can probably guess how jealous I am of Nichole. But, that won't stop me from sharing her great recommendations for your next visit to Paris, including a stop or two in that most excellent neighborhood.



MJ said...

Hi Megan,

Just wanted to say hi from Australia! I really enjoy your blog, it's my escapist gateway to the NY I would love to visit someday. Your musings on food & travel really strike a cord with me. (I really enjoyed your egullet foodblogs also).

Thanks for turning me on to Little Brown Pen, I have added it to my list.



Louisa Edwards said...

Oui, la jalousie. It burns!

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