Sunday, August 30, 2009

A classic.

When I stepped off the bus in Rhode Island a few weeks back, Aunt Cathi declared that we would do some shopping for dinner, and then visit Al Forno for a pizza and cocktails.

I'd heard of Al Forno, but had never visited before. Legendary in New England for its thin-crust pizzas and n0-reservations policy, Al Forno has been central to Providence's dining scene since the day it opened in 1980. For years I listened to people on eGullet wax eloquent about Al Forno's superlative pizza - and now, finally, here was the chance to try for myself.

Since we arrived about five minutes after the restaurant opened at 5 o'clock, Cathi and I were able to snag a table in the arbor-covered garden, where we ordered a margherita pizza and two cosmopolitans.

The cosmos arrived first. Now, as you all know, I am much more a gin girl than a vodka girl - but these cosmos really were spectactular. They were what cosmos are supposed to be. The sickly, syrupy pink cocktails you saw on Sex And The City were a poor substitute for a good cosmopolitan. A proper cosmo should put you in mind of a slightly pink gimlet (made with fresh lime juice), not a CapriSun.

These were proper cosmos.

Then came the pizza. What can I say? It was delicious. The tomato sauce was rich with deep flavor, the two kinds of cheese (mozzarella and parmesan) contrasted fresh with rich, and the shaved scallions on top lent the pizza a fresh, peppery bite that I loved.

I see what all the fuss is about, and I'll definitely be back.


Jen said...

I love cosmos, it's what I usually order. These look delicious!

Meg Blocker said...

They were awesome, really.

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Meg,
I just have to tell you. I savor your blog, look forward to your tweets and that pizza, those cosmos are mere tips of the iceberg!!!

Thanks so much for sharing...

BTW: I'm giving away a copy of the Best Summer Drinks by Ray Foley at my blog. Drop by if you get a chance...

Miles said...

The best cosmo I have ever had was also "cloudy" at The Continental in Philadelphia, oddly it was not made with lime but lemon and it made the drink slightly more mellow (less sour) though it did retain its tartness.

If you can see through a Cosmo, they've used Roses Lime and while Roses would be a blessing to a tonic drink, it does not make a good cosmo.

Meg Blocker said...

@louise: thanks! i love all three of your blogs!

@Miles: Ooooh, I remember their Cosmo, and am fairly sure I consumed a couple of them prior to the big 2-1. Naughty, naughty. And, yes, I agree: Rose's with tonic = delicious!

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