Thursday, December 17, 2009

Movin' on up to the east side.

Some very exciting news was unveiled in yesterday's Dining & Wine section of the New York Times: Shake Shack has signed a lease for space at 86th and Lexington. That would be, oh, three blocks from my apartment.

Am I excited? You bet your bum I'm excited! A delicious, relatively cheap, well-made burger and fries within walking distance? On the way home from the subway, no less? Next to a bookstore?

2010 is looking up, my friends.


Jen said...

This is fantastic news! Not only because I too live in the UES, but because, brace yourself, I've never been to SS and so want to go. This is it, when does it open 'cause I'm so there!

laura said...

that is very exciting news. another spot to go pre/post all those museum options on the upper east side!

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