Thursday, March 22, 2012


My first day in Austin, I took care of business. I got down to the convention center good and early to grab my badge, which came with a super-cute tote bag - a huge improvement over last year's thoroughly creepy number. And then, my friends, then - then, it was time for tacos.

Before my two weeks were out, I would sample many a taco. Some good, some bad, some somewhere in between. But few (save for Taco Deli's Vaquero breakfast taco, which is remarkably delicious) can touch Torchy's Dirty Sanchez. It's a giant, ridiculous thing, filled with scrambled eggs and topped with pickled carrots, a fried poblano pepper, guacamole and a smattering (more than a smattering, really) of cheese. It. Is. Heaven. Something about the pickled vegetables and the contrasting textures just takes it to the next level, something not many of the tacos at Torchy's manage to do.

Their queso, though, is pure, trashy goodness. It's just messed-with-enough to pass for more than Velveeta, and the hot sauce makes it extra awesome. There's guacamole in there, too. Oh, yes.

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