Thursday, April 5, 2012


A few drinks I've been enjoying recently. No particular order, but there is a theme: delicious, delightful booze. (Yum.)

Lemonade shandy, courtesy of Nick. Louisa's patio, Austin.

Applejack sidecar, courtesy of me. My living room, Manhattan.

Tawny port. The Vanderbilt, Brooklyn.

A Plantation cocktail (grapefruit, gin and basil). Frank's, Austin.


Anonymous said...

Are you still here? It was lovely to meet you with Stephanie at Midnight Cowboy! I need that last cocktail (although, yes, I have a visceral reaction to the name...)


Alison said...

Love the presentation of that last drink in the jelly jar! So cute!

Chihiro said...

Love that grapefruit drink! Can't wait to try to recreate. Have you tried the drinks at Whitehall? I'm completely obsessed.

Meg Blocker said...

Rachel, I left after SXSW, but I'm always in Austin in spirit! I'll be back in the fall, so we have to make sure to meet up. (Good point about the icky drink name associations, BTW. Yikes.)

Ali, I know! I love it. So summery.

Chihiro, I haven't! I now need to Google "Whitehall."

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