Sunday, December 16, 2012

Um, hi!

Hello, my darlings, my doves, my gentle readers. I know, I know - it's been ages. In my defense, the last couple of months have been among the busiest in recent memory, complete with 16 hour workdays, two weeks in Austin, a quick business trip to Chiacgo...and so on.

But, but, but! I had no intention of abandoning you, and I have every intention of putting things right. With that in mind, here are a couple of the remarkably delicious things I've enjoyed over the last ten weeks, along with a promise: I'll be back soon in full force.


 Three pea salad from Ottolenghi's Plenty.
Shrimp mole from Frontera Grill in Chicago.

Plateau de fruits de la mer at Clark's in Austin.

Rib-eye fried rice at Elizabeth Street Cafe in Austin.

Chicken salad sandwich with gribenes and homemade pickles at Mile End Sandwich Shop.


Nicholas said...

So glad you've returned!

MHC said...

I'm glad too! Also, not coincidentally, I am now hungry. THANK YOU!

Cape Coop said...

I miss you when you are not here! I am still your fan! That pea salad looks amazing and all of those foods look so original- what a great lot of meals you have been experiencing.

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