Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's that time.

Well, here goes. After more than five years of writing, cooking, eating, and traveling, I've decided it's time to take a break from posting here on Queenie Takes Manhattan. I've had an incredible time sharing my culinary adventures with all of you since 2007, but I've decided to spend what little free time I have these days on a few other projects.

You can expect to see lots of me over on The Equals Project (I have my latest piece for them up in progress in another browser tab as I type), and hopefully there will be more still - eventually. In the meantime, I do hope you'll stay in touch via Twitter and Instagram, where I fully intend to continue spamming you all with my Saturday morning cappuccinos and Friday night Manhattans.

So long for now, kids - and thank you for reading!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

SAY IT AIN'T SO!!! At least I get to hang out with you IRL, but still.

elisabeth said...

Is it wrong to be selfishly glad we'll get to see even more of you? Good luck on all the projects you have in the works!

William Brinson said...

Loved reading your blog, but onward and upward. Always something new out there. Catch you on twitter

Cape Coop said...

I'm going to miss you here, thank you for every word, every photo, it's been a wonderful journey!

Anonymous said...

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