Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kitchen Lust: Martha strikes again.

I love Martha Stewart. I'll say it again - I love her. Is she disturbingly placid, even when clearly upset? Yes. Is she a ridiculous, over-the-top perfectionist? Double yes. Is she a terrible neighbor who doesn't accept cookies from the family next door? Triple yes.

But, but - that perfectionism, that competitive spirit, that slightly manic drive...all these contribute to the fact that when she puts her stamp on a product, you know said product is for real. Which is why I have been drooling over this cast-iron pot for ages. It's a fabulous color - a bit more celadon than teal when viewed in person - and the quality is superb. I've been to Macy's, I've checked it out, and now that it's on sale for $60 (yes - a cast-iron, enameled, 7-quart pot for sixty buckaroos), I've ordered it.

I cannot wait to make osso bucco...or to braise a whole duck...or to deep-fry some doughnuts for dinner party petits-fours...or...

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