Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This past weekend, Jay Rayner of the Guardian took Alain Ducasse's new restaurant, Ducasse at the Dorchester, out for a serious beating. I love a great negative restaurant review - must be something to do with the inexhaustible appeal of schadenfreude. But, come on, how can you not savor a review that contains the following quote?
"I genuinely don't have a problem with restaurants charging £75 for three courses. I just demand that it be memorable, in a losing-your-virginity way. Not memorable in an accident-with a threshing-machine way."


Sally Big Woods said...

Have you seen the movie, "Ratatouille"? There's a whole plot devoted to this kind of review. Great movie. []

Meg Blocker said...

And does Peter O'Toole sell it, or what? Love Ratatouille!

Louisa Edwards said...

OUCH. Wow. I have to say, my one experience on Mssr. Ducasse dovetails nicely with Rayner's review. It was a perfectly lovely evening, and I remember having a nice time (and the almost smothering weight of attentive service) but not a single dish anyone at the table ate.

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