Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New year, new look!

I don't know if you noticed (I missed it, myself) but about four weeks ago (on January 21, 2008, to be exact), my blog celebrated its first birthday! Such an occasion calls for celebration, and what better way to fĂȘte myself than with a new outfit?

To that end, my gorgeous, brainy and handy friend Miya has created a brand-new banner for me that combines one of my favorite Queenie photographs (first seen in this post from June 2007) with Miya's beautiful graphic design.

So, thank you, Miya - I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for spring, and it's all thanks to your monster talent.


Wendy said...

It's a very pretty banner! and I think I remember when you made that pasta with wild baby asparagus! great photo

Queenie said...

Thanks, doll! I'm very excited...I love all the green.

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