Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh, happy day!

The March issue of Gourmet arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I could not be more excited. The issue is all about French food, specifically bistro cooking - my absolute favorite to cook, and one of my top three (along with Vietnamese and Italian) to eat!

To make things even better - they have an Alsatian menu featuring onion tart, chicken braised in Riesling, and a gorgeous endive salad. Like Strasbourg all over again, brought to life in my own kitchen. Though I might have to forgo their nut-filled dessert in favor of the more Parisian profiteroles with coffee ice cream.

And did I mention the recipe for frisée aux lardons avec oeufs en meurette? Must go home...must cook...must turn on Edith Piaf and pretend to be in Strasbourg...

Au revoir, mes cheris!


Louisa Edwards said...

Waaaah! Ohio must be the last state in the union to get all the good magazines! Another friend already got her Saveur, which is all about BUTTER this month. Two fantastic-sounding issues, both hitting my sweet spot like nobody's business, and I have to wait. BOO.

Queenie said...

You know, I'm missing March's Domino, which Faith already got. So I don't think it's an Ohio thing - I think it's that the post office knows we're bad seeds.

Sally Big Woods said...

I saw that salad recipe and thought of you!

The vegetarian cssoulet is also very good.

Keep up the great work! and congrats on one year blogging.

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