Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ruth Reichl and Mark Bittman are my tweeps.

By now, even the less technology-savvy among us have heard of Twitter, the micro-blogging, social networking phenomenon currently sweeping the interwebs. When I joined Twitter back in November, my goal was to connect with experts and mavens in my new field (user experience) and possibly rustle up some new Queenie readers.

Little did I know my dabblings in the Twitterverse would soon become a full-blown obsession, on par with the great Facebook addiction of 2007.

The latest development to fuel my passion was my discovery that several of my food world idols are Twittering - Ruth Reichl, Mark Bittman, Pete Wells, Amanda Hesser, Grant Achatz, Adam Roberts.

While I do think there's only so much value to be shared via Twitter's 140 characters per update, there's no denying that it's kinda cool to know when Ruth Reichl is working on a new project, or to recommend the Bar at Etats-Unis to the Amateur Gourmet.

Want to join the fun? Come follow me - you can find me @queenie_nyc. See you on Twitter!


~~louise~~ said...

I ADORE your montage on twitter! (oh I hope you don't mind, I'm following)

I've been having such a wonderful time visiting your blog. I'm sorry I haven't commented on each page.

Your adventures in Mahattan are my favorite so far...

Meg Blocker said...

Oh, thank you, Louise! That's so sweet - so thrilled you're reading!

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