Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And...she's off!

Hello, my darlings!

As you read this, I am making my way to Sandusky, Ohio for my annual pilgrimage to visit my friends Nick & Louisa, former New Yorkers and college classmates both. (That's me and Louisa up top, in Strasbourg on our 2006 trip to Europe.)

It promises to be an exciting 10 days - we always manage to have one or two culinary adventures together (see the evidence of last year's pork belly-off right here), and there are few dogs I enjoy more than their border terrier, Hunter. I mean, check this out:

But not to fear! I'll be posting on a regular basis from the wilds of Middle America, and promise to report on any exciting encounters with farmstands or funnel cakes.

Take good care of the island while I'm gone, will ya?


~~louise~~ said...

Have fun Meg!!! Can't wait for the yummy details. I haven't been to Sandusky in ages. Will you be visiting Cedar Point Park?

Meg Blocker said...

@louise: We may make it to Cedar Point...time will tell. If not, we've spotted a Barardi's Fries truck out and about, so we may just visit that. We tried to go to Toft's on Friday night, but the line was out the door. Maybe tonight instead!

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