Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration strikes.

I love peanut butter sundaes. (The shot above is vanilla custard and peanut butter sauce from Shake Shack last weekend. Yum.)

I mean, hot fudge sundaes are wonderful, of course, but peanut butter has my heart. And I know that some people simply swoon over butterscotch. All of this (plus the gloriously sunny, hot weather we're having in NYC right now) has me thinking about hosting a sundae party. Some fabulous local ice cream (perhaps with a few homemade flavors, too), homemade sauces, loads of toppings (including booze), and piles of candy-colored bowls.

Seems like the easiest summer party ever, right? Now I just have to find the time - by which I mean a time when people are actually free and in town, never an easy feat during a New York summer.

What kinds of gatherings do you have planned for the rest of the summer? Make me jealous with your backyard barbecues and shipboard cocktail soirees, why doncha?

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