Monday, May 14, 2012

Basking in the familiar.

Amen Hall, my home for four years.
I took a little walk down memory lane at my 15-year high school reunion this weekend. I went to boarding school in New Hampshire, and the campus is as lush and beautiful as ever.

Ms. Eggers' history classroom in the Academy Building.
Whenever  I return, I am struck anew by how unbelievably lucky I was to attend such a wonderful school, and how impressive the people I spent those four years with were and still are.

The marble steps to Assembly Hall.
On this trip, I was also lucky enough to sample one of the region's classic delights, a frequent late-night snack in every dorm on campus: the chicken finger sub.

Chicken finger sub from Romeo's.
Crispy, piping hot chicken fingers stuffed onto a giant bun, topped with shredded iceberg, chopped tomatoes and, preferably, pickles. I like mine with a side of mayonnaise, too.

After all, it couldn't possibly be all essays, exams and lively intellectual debate.

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Wendy said...

We are heading to Andover for Dayne's 25th in 2 weeks. Another gorgeous campus

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