Friday, May 18, 2012


More evidence that the class of 1997 is the best class ever? Witness, if you will, our cocktail hour on Saturday night. We assembled in the art gallery (where I was reminded of how incredibly sorry I am that I never took any studio art classes in high school), where our classmate, Craig, had arranged for a beer tasting.

Why, you ask? Because Craig (whose last name is Theisen, you should know) is one of the co-founders of Peak Organic Brewery in Portland, Maine. And Peak? They make some pretty awesome beer. (Organic beer, by the way, is organic because of its ingredients. When it comes to brewing, the methodology is akin to that followed by other craft brewers, like Brooklyn and Sam Adams.)

A huge array was available, but my two favorites were the Summer Session Ale, which was a pale gold color and tasted lightly of oranges, and the Pomegranate Wheat, which was a bit sweeter, rounder in the mouth, and altogether too drinkable.

Thanks again for the awesome beer, Craig - you are one talented and generous dude.

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