Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food plus feminism equals awesomeness.

I know, I know...I don't write, I don't call, I don't post's been something of an insane week chez Queenie, not least because I've been writing some other stuff that I'm very, very excited/nervous/giddy about.

A couple of months ago, my friends Miya and Elisabeth invited me to contribute to their truly awesome new effort, called The Equals Project. Its goal? To create a space where women come together to share stories, ideas and art, all driven by this incredibly true statement from their inaugural post:
We are more than what we can cook, we are more than what we can create, more than our makeup, our jewelry, our aesthetic tastes. We are people with complex ideas, and conflicting thoughts, who read, travel, discuss, do, and make. We are people who are influenced and inspired by the women who came before us, and we aspire to create something greater than the sum of our parts.
As much as I love sharing my food and travel adventures with you here on Queenie Takes Manhattan - and I truly do - I leapt at the opportunity to join a project that would allow me to think and write about some of the other important aspects of my life.

That said, my regular column will feature food in a big way, but with a twist: it's called The F Words: Food & Feminism, and it's all about getting to know remarkable women through conversations about food and the complex relationship many of us have with the domestic realm.

So, yeah! You should come check it out. And you should stick around, because the other contributors are pretty freaking awesome, too.

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