Thursday, July 10, 2008

Like your own personal, private scout.

Ever wondered if what you're looking for is available at the market? Not sure if it's too late for spring onions, or too early for really good tomatoes?

Never fear - Lucy's Greenmarket Report is here!

Lucy lives just two blocks from Union Square (color me green with envy), and scopes out the scene at the market every single morning. If it's a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, she's out there perusing the stands, noting the wares, and heading back home to post them on her blog.

From flowers to herbs to meat to bread, if it's new or notable, Lucy will tell you about it. She's a fantastic resource for us uptowners, particularly when we're planning a dinner party and trying to figure out what we can actually count on finding at the market (rather than just buying what meets our fancy).

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