Monday, July 21, 2008

'Tis the season to be jolly...about stone fruits.

Peaches might be my favorite summer fruit. Technically, strawberries belong to springtime, and apples won't be here till September, so I think it's a pretty safe statement. (Unless you wave a pint of plump blueberries in my face, in which case I reserve the right to take this entire post back.)

Peaches are velvety from start to finish - gently fuzzy on the outside, luscious, soft and juicy on the inside. And the way they smell? There's no better perfume in the world. Truly. If they could bottle the true scent of ripe peaches, I'd kiss any man brave enough to wear it.

Peaches can be baked into pies, sliced and served raw with plain yogurt and honey, grilled and topped with maple syrup, made into a relish and served with a pork chop - or you can just bite into one while leaning indecorously over your sink (the better to catch all the inevitable juices running down your chin).

And did I mention they're in season? Greenmarket alert!

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