Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home is where the hot tub is.

As a creature of habit and routine (generously peppered with adventure, of course), I'm not altogether sad to be headed back across the country today, toward my bed, my closet and my kitchen. That said, I wouldn't mind a few more days at Rancho Wikiup, the house we rented in Sonoma last week.

"We" was a group of my family and closest friends, most of whom you can find in earlier Queenie entries, including my mom, my brother and sister-in-law, Nick and Louisa, and my friend Faith. We spent the week talking, drinking, cooking, sampling wines, touring wineries, eating out and playing a couple of particularly feisty games of Charades.

We did all of that in a truly unique spot. Rancho Wikiup is a converted stable in Santa Rosa, nestled up against the ridge that divides Napa from Sonoma. Built by John Rosseter in 1915, the stables were converted into living quarters about thirty years ago. The house is quirky; after our first tour, I still didn't know where the fifth bedroom was, or where the fourth bathroom might be hiding. It rambles and wanders; luckily, though, it's built around a central courtyard, so you can always stand there and yell for help.

The kitchen is a bit awkward in configuration but well-equipped, with two refrigerators, a dishwasher, gas stove and oven, and a zillion plates and bowls. We cooked up a storm, including a pot of Julia Child's boeuf bourgignon, a killer guacamole, and more than one batch of bacon.

Yes, I'm happy to be headed back to my home, my heart: New York. But I wouldn't say no to a few more days at Rancho Wikiup, particularly if they included a few more dips in the hot tub and an afternoon or two of courtyard relaxation.


C Lacey said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing...:)

Meg Blocker said...

Thanks, Cordie! It really was stunning.

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