Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Plus de miettes.

On the Wednesday I spent in San Francisco, my friend Faith and I took a day trip up to Point Reyes and Marshall via the Pacific Coast Highway. (Much more on that trip soon.) On our way to pick up the Zipcar, we stopped into Miette (in French, "miette" translates to "crumb"), a confectionery shop in Hayes Valley, just down the hill from Faith's place near Alamo Square.

Miette is flat-out adorable. Vintage and girly with an edge (candy-filled, incredibly lifelike skulls abounded), Miette stocks its own candies and pastry along with an array of chocolate and sweets from around the world. I spotted Mast Brothers chocolate (from Brooklyn), Haribo gummies (from Germany) and Cadbury Crunchies (from England).

The shop is one of three locations in San Francisco; they have two freestanding shops (one in Hayes Valley and one in the Marina area) along with an outpost in the Ferry Building. We stopped by the Ferry Building location, too, and spotted these adorable, portable pots de crèmes (bring the jar back to collect your $1 deposit) and some gorgeous, sun-yellow marigolds.

We didn't try them, but the cupcakes (back at the Hayes Valley spot) looked delicious and adorable. I personally think candy-coated peanuts might be the perfect cupcake garnish. And as much as I enjoyed the macarons we tried (most of all the hazelnut one), I fell in love with Miette as much for its aesthetic and personality as for its candy.

If I lived in San Francisco, I'd have an unreasonably hard time staying away. Who wouldn't want to eat sweets while looking at that wallpaper, or chatting with people who love candy as much as you do? Good thing it's 3,000 miles away, or I'd be my dentist's entire retirement plan.

449 Octavia Street
San Francisco, CA


Dolce said...

Miette is, I think, one of the favorite spot of French people in the bay area because of their great macarons :)

Wendy said...

We always make a stop at Miette! It's adorable and their cupcakes and macarons are delicious!

Meg Blocker said...

Two ladies with such great taste agree - I knew I couldn't be too far of the mark with this one!

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