Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A doughnut grows on Clinton Street.

On the very last night of my staycation, I had a ridiculously delicious meal at Frankie's Spuntino with Miles and Hall. After dinner, we stopped into DessertTruck's new stationary location, DessertTruck Works. It's pretty much smack across Clinton Street from Frankie's, which made it eminently convenient for a sweets fix.

I decided that the time was ripe for a brioche doughnut filled with Nutella. And boy oh boy, was I right. The doughnuts were yeasty and buttery (though I noticed no distinct similarities to brioche), and the filling was rich as could be. The sugar coating the doughnuts made them appropriately messy to eat (you have to work to enjoy something this tasty), and the boys and I put these away in second flat.

Can't wait to go back, though I don't know how I'll ever resist the call of the doughnuts. Hmmm...

DessertTruck Works
6 Clinton Street
Between Houston and Stanton

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