Saturday, May 29, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

It's a long weekend here in the States (Memorial Day is Monday.), and I am psyched to enjoy three full days of cooking with strawberries, rhubarb and snap peas. (I also have to clean the apartment, but let's not talk about that, mmmkay?) Before the cooking fest can begin, I simply must share some cool things from my week's wanderings.

First of all, this. What's this, you ask? This is my perfect kitchen. Rustic yet modern. Lots of workspace, but also a big old farmhouse table where people can gather to talk, read, whatever. This. This is what I want. This, this, this. (It is, as usual, courtesy of one of Design*Sponge's amazing sneak peeks.)

The wedding I went to last weekend had the most adorable arrangements on the tables, little groupings of peonies in milk-glass and hobnail vases. When I got home, I promptly starting combing Etsy for sources so I could imitate the cuteness, and found the amazing Jadite Kate, a store specializing in vintage glassware. You can now rest assured that my perfectly modern/rustic kitchen will be fully decked out in a collection of everything Kate has on offer.

One thing I haven't been willing to consider for my rental is wallpaper. But man, I do love it. I'm imagining various entryways papered in Abigail Borg's incredible designs, and digging it. Her designs are luscious and luxurious, and have price tags to match. But, since this is just a fantasy - for now, at least - I'm cool with that.

Since this is a long weekend, I thought a little extra Treasury action would be good for us all. And since we're marking the unofficial start of summer, I thought Mélangerie's State-by-Food tote bag - perfect for carrying your farmer's market purchases to and fro - was the perfect pick. I absolutely love this bag, with its whimsical drawings of foods native to or representative of each of the 50 states. My home state of Connecticut rocks its hamburger, while my adopted home of New York is identified by the bagel.

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