Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last Saturday was a ridiculously beautiful summer day. Low humidity, glorious sunshine, and relatively few obligations led me to pay a visit to the Hester Street Fair after a visit to the lovely Holly at Fringe Salon. The Fair occupies a piece of land originally used as a pushcart market site by Lower East Siders in the early 20th century. It's a shady little have at the corner of Essex and Hester, marked by an iron arcade straddling the entrance.

These days, the Fair is home to a number of different sellers, primarily of food, jewelry and vintage goods. There's also - mercifully - a misting tent where you can stand to get cool, and a super-neat used bike seller. The day I visited, the spice vendor was doing a brisk business.

I loved the vintage jewelry seller. Those brooches are just too sparkly and fun for words, but I couldn't choose just one, and so I decided to leave them all behind to be adopted by someone with a better capacity for decision making.

The jewelry booth also had a gorgeous collection of vintage keys on display. I loved how he arranged them on the mirror - it made for an intriguing vignette, I thought.

Memorandum had a variety of cool, Hollister Hovey-ish vintage items on offer, like this portrait...

...and this taxidermied stag.

And did I mention the bikes? It doesn't get more hipster than taxidermy and bikes.

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laura said...

Hester Market is so very high on my list!! I very much hope to be there very very very soon (after a few promised end of summer activities like one last dip at Red Hook Pool, a bike ride out to Coney Island, a visit to Governors Island and of course the ice cream social at the New Amsterdam Market -- yes this is all supposed to happen this coming weekend.)

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