Friday, August 27, 2010

Meatless Week: Going green. And pink.

Howdy, folks! As Meatless Week progresses, I'm realizing a couple of things: cooking vegetarian requires a lot of olive oil, produces a lot of dishes, and is generally a lot more work than just roasting a chicken. Now, I knew that would be the case, but I hadn't quite realized that I'd be doing so many dishes each night. Mostly, though, I think it's because I decided to focus on salads and other fresh things - as opposed to making, say, a one-pot veggie meal to see me through.

One of the dirty dish culprits was yesterday's lunch. Alongside the leftover corn chowder from Wednesday night's superlative dinner, I enjoyed one of my more favorite summer salads: roasted beets with green beans, red onion and dill. It is so. Freaking. Good. There's something about the combination of the snappy beans and rich beets - enhanced by a little bit of dill and lemon juice - that just makes me happy.

This isn't a new recipe; it's basically this pasta without the pasta or the yogurt, and with lemon juice instead of vinegar. I think you should try it.

(And, yes, those really are beets in that photo. They're light pink, though, so they look kinda potato-y. But they're not, I promise.)

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Rohan Daxini said...

Hi Megan,
Very interesting posts - elaborative sometimes and insightful otherwise with nice pics. I like your fanaticism about food and various dishes. These days even I am becoming food fanatic :)
Do you watch channel Travel and Living i.e. TLC. I have been following many foodie programs on TLC recently and many of them are truely fabulous.

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