Saturday, August 21, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

It's Saturday! Are you as excited about that as I am? It's been a productive morning so far - I got to sleep super-early last night and was up at 7 to enjoy some coffee and a quiet Greenmarket run. Not sure yet what the afternoon will bring, but, for now, here are some goodies to keep you busy!First up, some seriously beautiful books. I'm not sure if it's an irresistible response to the advent of the eReader, but Penguin has released stunning versions of classics over the last year. First there were the cloth-bound volumes, and now these magnificently Art Deco, gilded editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald. All of these were designed by inimitably talented Coralie Bickford-Smith.

Next up, a look at the latest plan to revitalize La Marqueta, East Harlem's storied five-block market. The latest plan, proposed by a private developer, is to expand the market to stretch a full 20 blocks - that's a mile - under the elevated Park Avenue train tracks. I have to admit, as someone who lives only about 20 blocks south of the market, the idea of being able to shop in a space rivaling London's Borough Market is very, very exciting. Even more so because the market would occupy an area that's traditionally been overlooked by projects like this in the past. Fingers crossed.

Finally, some cute little animals! I'm not usually one to fall for such things, but I absolutely love the photographs created by Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop. When I see animals, I typically think "kid's room," but I can see these working in just about any space. They have a modern quality to them that really, really appeals to me. I just like 'em!

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Nicholas said...

I'm utterly convinced that Coralie Bickford-Smith can do no wrong.

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