Monday, September 6, 2010

Nothing simpler.

While kirby cucumbers abound - and are wonderful - at New York's Greenmarkets in the summer, lemon cucumbers are less common. Imagine my delight, then, to encounter the round little fellers at Cherry Lane's St. Stephen's Greenmarket stand on Saturday morning. There they were, nestled in among the kirbies, looking for all the world like miniature honeydew melons.

Lemon cucumbers are round and pale yellow, which, I suppose, is where they get their name. Their flavor is a bit subtler than other varieties of cucumber, and their flesh is silkier, too. All in all, they're flat-out delicious. I enjoyed the first of mine very simply, just sliced and topped with a light sprinkle of sea salt. I have no solid plans for the remainder of my haul, though I'm thinking a cucumber sandwich (warm, toasted bread, a touch of mayonnaise, salt and pepper - and, of course, cucumber) might be in order.

What would you do with such bounty?


RADgirl said...

would they work in a light vinegar as a refrigerator pickle? or would that be too strong and overshadow the cucumber?

Meg Blocker said...

I think these would actually make an excellent quick pickle - they'd be very silky.

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