Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I don't know if it's sneaked up on you like it's sneaked up on me, but - did you realize that this weekend is Independence Day? (At least for those of us in the USA!) Holy man. It seems like only moments ago I was lamenting the short days and frigid temperatures of a New York winter, and now we're coming up on summer's defining holiday. (Again, for those of us in the States - France, Bastille Day will be here soon!)

I'm going to be spending the Fourth up in Rhode Island with my aunt, uncle and a couple of my cousins, so I plan to be more of a helper in the kitchen, as opposed to a planner. For those of you who are on the hook for some good eats this weekend, may I humbly suggest the following?

First up, drinks. (C'mon, you know my priorities.) First of all, I highly recommend rosé, especially those from the South of France. (It may not be le Quartoze Juillet quite yet, but there's no reason not to toast our allies in the War for Independence.) I'm especially fond of Paul Jaboulet's Parallèle 45 Rosé - as eminently affordable as it is quaffable.

If cocktails are more your fancy, how about a gin gimlet? Or perhaps you're in the market for something non-alcoholic, in which case I'd recommend some iced coffee or a spritzer made with rhubarb simple syrup, seltzer and lime juice.

Now, for the eats. I'm just going to list some suggestions here; loyal readers will no doubt recognize many of my warm-weather favorites. Drumroll, please...

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