Saturday, June 25, 2011

Queenie's Treasury

Happy weekend, my darlings! My best friend Louisa is flying in from Austin this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to a couple of days of girl time. We're having dinner tonight at Lyon, a new French bistro in the West Village, and I'm seriously excited to head downtown and catch a little Pride Weekend action. In the meantime, here are some Treasury delights for your enjoyment!
First up, this amazing cuff by Naomi Klein. I love how it's simultaneously luxurious and earthy. I can't help but think how well it would go with basically everything I own, especially my bathing suit and cover-up. After all, it's almost the Fourth.

Speaking of jewelry, I'm always looking for ways to store mine in ways that are accessible, but also pretty. I find if I can't see what I have, I don't wear it. But I haven't found a way to keep it out in the open without things being cluttered. Then I saw what Live Creating Yourself blogger Alaina does: organizes her jewelry in antique teacups. It's gorgeous and organized and just lovely.

Finally, Matchbook Magazine's blog highlighted these fantastic, summery New Yorker covers a couple of weeks ago, and I just love them. I have a few antique Vogue covers hanging in my living room, and I love having that bit of publishing history around.

Teacup photo by Maia Harms for Live Creating Yourself.

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