Saturday, January 28, 2012

Queenie's Treasury: The under-your-cocktail edition.

I have a (relatively) new coffee table these days, which of course has led me to the conclusion that I need loads of lovely coasters to protect my precious baby. All of this to say: today is coasters day on the Treasury.

First up, these lovely, uber-feminine floral numbers from the eternally awesome Rifle Paper Co. I can't get over the gorgeous colors or swoopy botanicals, and I think they will make it onto my 2012 hostess gift list, even if they don't end up winning a spot on my new table just yet.

Next up, some punchy, oh-so-New York coasters from one of my very favorite tastemakers, Kate Spade. I love the colors (robin's egg blue, bright orange, pink, grey) and the simple gold typography. And, obviously, I love New York. So there's that.

Finally, some summery, nautical coasters that make me (a devoted winter enthusiast) yearn for summer. They're perfect for putting under a gimlet, but might not be quite right for a Manhattan. What say you?

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