Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chicago, here I come!

My last trip to Chicago was something of a whirlwind. It was Louisa's 30th birthday, and we were there to sample the most luxurious fare the city had to offer. The chef's table at Trotter's, a caviar staircase at Tru, and pure imagination at Alinea.

This time around, I'm going for something a little more low-key. A tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, dinner at Longman & Eagle, and brunch with the lovely Jessi.

But what else, folks? What else shall I do? I'm off to Chicago tomorrow, where the weather is unseasonably warm and the food is notoriously tasty. I wouldn't mind a bit of shopping, either. Tell me your secrets, Chicago dwellers and lovers! Share your favorites, and I'll do my best to visit them all.

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suburban prep said...

This is something about the North Shore of Chicago that you might find interesting.

It is supposed to rain a bit on Saturday and on Sunday perhaps snow just a little bit. But that is not all that bad considering last year at this time we had 2 feet of snow on the ground. Good shopping is always on Michigan ave. There is the Water Tower and Bloomingdale building on the north end with Oak Street there as well. There is also the RL shop and then the Shops at NorthBridge that have Nordstrom in them.

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