Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday in the park with Queenie.

No visit to (or staycation in) New York would be complete without a visit to Central Park! On Friday afternoon, after a lunch of steak tartare at the soon-to-close La Goulue (where the steak tartare isn't bad, but pales in comparison to the delectable version to be had at Camille), I wandered into Central Park just north of the zoo.

About halfway across the park, just past the Bandshell, I plopped down on an empty, sun-soaked bench, cracked open a book (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, my newborn book club's first selection), and passed the next three hours in a haze of contented happiness.

I ask you, though - is this Central Park, or an enchanted forest? The tangle of elm and oak trees had me mesmerized.

Once I'd been thoroughly lazy for long enough, I walked home up Madison Avenue, where I admired the ridiculously blue skies and piece of gorgeous couture in the Vera Wang window. All in all, a nice way to finish a lazy afternoon.


Jen said...

Central Park is definitely my favorite place in this city, and even more so in Spring.

Meg Blocker said...

I do love it. Sometimes, when it first gets nice, it can be a bit overcrowded, but in the height of summer, there's nothing better than the empty park on a hot, bright day. LOVE it.

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