Saturday, April 4, 2009

Desperately seeking spring.

This morning, looking through my files for the photos of the ramps stand, I found a whole bunch of meals I made last spring, when the Greenmarket was in full swing and onions, eggs and herbs were spilling out of my shopping bags.

It's been a while since I felt seized by the urge to cook (as opposed to cooking for a purpose or reason, such as - you know - feeding myself), but I can feel it coming back now. I can't wait to make some of these recipes, and try out some new ones, too.


Jen said...

They all look so delicious and fancy! I hope they're not hard to make.

Meg Blocker said...

Nah, they're easy! I just added links to the original recipes up above - give 'em a go!

Lashings & Lashings of Ginger Beer said...

the picture of the first salad just made me involuntarily whimper with need + hunger.

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