Saturday, September 12, 2009

Introducing...Queenie's Treasury!

Over the weekends, the blogosphere, much like TV, tends to be lacking in terribly exciting content. I'm as guilty of this as anyone - occasionally I'll post something on Sunday afternoons (the time of week I tend to do most of my writing), but most of my weekend is devoted to gathering blog fodder, as opposed to dispensing the final product.

To help you get through those long Saturdays and Sundays, I'm starting a new feature here at Queenie, called Queenie's Treasury. Each Saturday, I'll bring you a few links to some of the things that have captured my attention in the last seven days. Most of these will be related to food, travel or entertaining - but some will just be cool things I've come across in my surfing.

And now, without further ado, I present the Treasury's inaugural picks!

Serious Eats' Robyn Lee (she of The Girl Who Ate Everything fame) always finds the coolest, oddest stuff. This is no exception: a clip from a Belgian film documenting one woman's day-to-day life in 1970s Brussels. In this scene, she makes meatloaf. The sounds are the real-life version of the Food Network's food porn soundtrack, all smacking and squishing. Fascinating.

If you don't read Smitten Kitchen yet, you absolutely should. Fantastic recipes, inspiring photography, the works. This week, Deb published what looks to me like the perfect late-summer dish: roasted tomatoes and cipollini onions. I read the recipe three days ago, and I'm still drooling.

Last but not least, dessert. Design*Sponge may be a (duh) design blog, but each Friday it features a recipe. These are usually desserts, and they always look fantastic - not least because the contributions usually come care of other design bloggers. This week's recipe is no exception, but the look is slightly different. In place of the usual worshipful food photography, Julia Rothman submits her blackberry pie recipe with frame-worthy cartoon instructions. Helpful and fun, to boot.

Happy Saturday!


racheld said...

OH, Megan! What a glorious preseent with First Cup this Monday morning!!

I followed you over from Cape Coop---I've been avid for Rebecca's story of their journey to their new home---and here I find an old friend---well, a quite young one, actually, but fondly remembered and joyfully welcomed on second meeting.

And just the first page---secret keys and ice cream and friends and such journeys of your own. It's like finding that beautifully-wrapped present, and you find that the contents spill out more beautiful still.

This is wonderful. I'm looking forward to looking my eyes full of your ramblings and your interesting travels and activities.

It's truly lovely to see you again.


Meg Blocker said...

Hello, Rachel! I'm so glad you found me...welcome!

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