Monday, September 7, 2009

Sundays with Miles.

Back when Miles was still living here in New York (He and his partner, Hall, now own and run a gorgeous lodge in New Zealand.), we used to spend many a Sunday afternoon drinking coffee and working on the Sunday Times crossword puzzle. When I did not perform as well as I should have on our joint puzzle effort back in June, I decided it was time for some intense puzzle training.

I started doing the puzzle, daily, with some friends from work. And so, when Miles declared that we were going to Fowle's for breakfast and the crossword, I was ready.

I bought a Sunday Times from the newsstand side of the store, we sat down at the counter and ordered, and got down to business. Breakfast for Miles was yogurt and berries; for me, it was scrambled eggs and corned beef hash. Hey, people - I was on vacation, and vacation, to me, means nothing so much as fried potatoes for breakfast. Yum.

Once we'd shown the puzzle who was boss, we headed out for a walk along the waterfront. It was a beautiful day, the sun sparkling like mad on the river. We decided to explore a bit, ending up in Oldie's, one of those classic New England antique barns. The pickings were plentiful, but there was no way I was carrying a cast-iron skillet all the way home with me.

Our ramble also included a trip to Miles's favorite toy store, where I found eco-friendly toy cookware - and it wasn't pink! Gender neutral and environmentally friendly, guys! I was so excited, I took multiple pictures. I'll only make you look at one, though.

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