Saturday, September 26, 2009

Queenie's Treasury

I'm off to California tomorrow, and I'm a bit over-excited about it (Well, about every aspect of it save my 7:30 AM flight.), so please excuse any too-wordy or run-on writing. Let's get to it!

I have a gorgeous peppermill, but, for some reason, I always find myself craving another one. So far, I've been a good girl and have managed to control myself. These might change that. Handmade in North Carolina, Mica Knob Studio's walnut and cherry specimens are absolutely stunning. I'm normally attracted to laquered peppermills (like this one from Peugeot), but I can't help loving the natural grain of the wood on these.

Bacon tempura is back on the menu at Red Cat. Wow. And, um, that's all I really have to say about that. Just thought you should know.

Some of you might remember that I'm almost as obsessed with design as I am with food. Almost. This week, one of my favorite interior design blogs, Decor8, published an inspiring post full of some of my favorite rooms. I find this dining salon dreamy.

Finally, as I head off to my own gorgeous vacation destination in Sonoma, I've discovered a new drool-worthy spot. Design*Sponge unveiled the first photos of the oh-so-talented stephmodo's labor of love, a renovated cottage in the Dordogne region of France. The best part? You can rent this place by the week over on VRBO. Who's in?

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