Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow.

This Sunday, I took the M86 crosstown bus over to the Upper West Side to check out the Greenmarket behind the Museum of Natural History. I had a bit of a late start on Saturday morning (I blame my friends Mark and Jim - they're major enablers), so I didn't make it to the Union Square or the East 82nd Street outposts. The Upper West Side market, however, is open on Sundays. Score!

Even more of a score? Piles of gorgeous, late-season Kirby cucumbers, new-season Gala apples, and a create-your-own-pint-of-cherry-tomatoes offer, courtesy of Berried Treasures Farm. I love having an assortment of tiny tomatoes on hand; the slight variations in tang and sweetness make for a more interesting salad, and the different colors are just so darn pretty.

Even better, they only charged three dollars for a pint - a pretty good deal in Greenmarket land. I think I'll have to make a rainbow version of spaghetti with tomatoes, garlic and basil sometime very soon.

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Maggie said...

very pretty! I've been scoring some tomato deals too—end of day $1/lb for sauce tomatoes last saturday at Union Sq.

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