Saturday, July 3, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! In a move I consider to be true to the holiday's culinary traditions, I've bought a pint of blueberries to use in a small tart tomorrow, and cannot wait for some seriously good fireworks. In the meantime, here are some Treasury picks to entertain you.First up this week, a fabulous spot for vintage goodies. Haven Vintage's Etsy shop is my latest favorite. I've been poking around for some vintage cocktail glasses for a bar cart (another recent obsession), and found a gorgeous set of gold, faux-cane old-fashioneds at Haven. They have a perfectly curated assortment of vintage and antique pieces, mostly small housewares. I can picture this yellow wire basket holding throw blankets in a bedroom corner, and the bar towels? They just make me happy!

Next, an interesting article from the New York Times about Connecticut's cutthroat world of farmers' market promotion and, well, marketing. The field is so flush with contenders in the state that markets have begun offering promotions and discounts to entice buyers to their booths. I wish this were a problem in some of the neighborhoods here in New York.

Last, a little something to make you smile - or, if you're like me, to make you laugh so hard that your coffee almost comes out your nose. Catalog Living is a new blog chronicling the ridiculousness that is housewares catalog styling. Random hats under the coffee table? Giant, impossible seashells? Useless, oversized abacuses? (Abaci?) Catalog Living has - and mocks - it all. I can't get enough.

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laura said...

Thank you for Catalog Living, on the second page 'broke through the wall during the last big storm and we decided just to leave it' made me cry laughing! Hilarious :-)

Have a great weekend :-)

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