Saturday, July 10, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

It's the weekend! Hallelujah! It's been a wild, wacky (and actually pretty wonderful) week chez Queenie, and I'm looking forward to a little bit of rest and relaxation over the next two days. Before I get down to the relaxation part, though, I need to bake a cake for this guy. And before that, I have some Treasury goodness to share with you. Here goes!

First up, a recipe for Planter's Punch from Serious Eats. Planter's Punch is a classic rum cocktail made with dark rum, simple syrup, lime juice and bitters. It's pretty much perfect for the kind of stiflingly hot weather we've been having in New York recently, and has some sentimental value for me, too. My grandparents used to have a house on a teeny little island in the Bahamas, and Planter's Punch was the cocktail my grandfather would have ready and waiting for guests upon their arrival. So, for my purposes, I shall re-christen the drink Pops' Punch - but you go ahead and call it whatever you like.

I love this room. I could live in this room. And, yes, I know - it's really, really pink. But still. I could live here. That ceiling! That table! That pendant! Love.

The Style Files brings you the prettiest lemonade ever. I don't plan to make any this weekend (see above, re: cake-baking), but I think you definitely should. Please send pictures, okay?

Planter's Punch photo courtesy of Art of Drink.

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