Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PSA: Strawberries are here!

Strawberries made their first appearance at the Greenmarket this morning, kids! Time to start planning your pies, crostatas, shortcakes and compotes.


Melissa said...

It's autumn here in Australia so no strawberries available and your great photo's are making me want them! I love how yours still have the stems on them and come in pretty blue punnets. Ours have the stems removed and come in ugly plastic punnets which makes them sweat.

Meg Blocker said...

Melissa, I'm always jealous of the Southern Hemisphere when we hit late fall and you guys are getting all the goodies!

In grocery stores here, we do get strawberries in plastic containers, but the farmer's markets generally sell them in those turquoise cardboard baskets. Sometimes, especially with blueberries, they have little hairnet-like things that they stick on top so you can carry them more easily in your bag.

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