Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Déja vu, sushi-style.

On Saturday night, before we went out drinking (but not really carousing), Ellie and I decided that we needed some serious sushi. Ellie suggested Oysy, which, hilariously, is where Nick, Louisa and I ate lunch when we were visiting Chicago in 2009 for Louisa's incredible birthday weekend-of-eating. (If you haven't seen those posts, you should - it was an insane couple of days. Alinea, Tru and Trotter's.)

And so we hopped on the El and made our way to Oysy, where we sat down at the sushi bar and proceeded to eat ALL THE FISH. First, though, I had a most excellent seaweed salad, which came with cucumber. GENIUS.

I did a few orders of ngiri, including scallop (creamy and mild), toro (luscious and meaty), sweet shrimp (chewy and rich) and omelet (sweet and satisfying). Sometimes I forget how wonderful sushi is, especially in its simplest incarnations. It's the ultimate in all-about-the-ingredients eating - not that skill isn't a huge part of it, because it is. But there's something so primal about unadorned, raw fish. Love it.

And then to the not-so-simple. This was the (adorable) red dragon roll, with cucumber, tuna, salmon, roe and spicy mayonnaise. It was good, though not as mouth-poppingly exciting as I'd been hoping for. But really solid.

Mmmmm, sushi.

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